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What Makes Us Different.

Why hire us?
As a local boutique brokerage we take pride in being different. We are committed to offering you a very personal, flexible, creative and modern Real Estate experience. 
We know that you have options between brokers. You will not meet another brokerage who will give more attention to your sale or purchase than we will, and our relentless work ethic is what will get you to the closing table.

But more than just hard work, we will bring the following to your sale or purchase:

1. 24/7 access to our team, for you AND all of the brokers we will work with when purchasing or selling your home. We will not just add your file onto a pile, we will be completely available for you and the buyer and or their agent. No unanswered calls. No unanswered texts. No unanswered emails.

2. Complete access to all of our firm’s marketing resources. We spare no expense when promoting our client’s homes, no matter what price point. Your home will be our trophy listing, and we will make sure it gets the exposure it deserves.

3. We will utilize creative marketing tools, like videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Google to get your home sold.  We’re not a “take photos and stick them online and see what happens” kind of brokerage.

4. We want to get you the best price and terms according to your needs and wants. Once we get you an acceptable offer, we manage the sale or purchase of your home every single step of the way and are there for you around the clock. 

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We’re ready to work for you starting now.

Why Choose Us: Why Choose Us
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